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Directed By:
Fred Olen Ray

Not Rated
Genre: Family Fantasy/Comedy
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Mild Violence
Also Known As:
Secret Santa (USA)


Next is unfunny stink bomb called DEAR SANTA. The basic plot is simple. Lying con artist used car salesmen has a crook for a boss selling stolen cars and a bully of a wife. But the wife he deserves because he lied again about taking a trip for Christmas, he'd rather stay home and work.

Now his son writes Santa and makes a wish. An elf appears and says that Gordon has to become a Secret Santa to make up for his misdeeds and the crazy goes from there.

First, it's not funny. It's insulting, the humor is predictable and dumb. Second, no one else can see the elf, he's cruising for a rubber room. Third, the elf is too big and her ears are suppose to be pointy, no Vulcan!

The characters are two-dimension, stilted and unlikable, there's no real emotion or family connection to the movie. Only a man who hates his family would make them sit through this Christmas Nightmare.

Now, none of Fred Olen Ray's movies is perfect, they all have flaws but this has got to be the worst one yet. For all these things this movie and I'm afraid Fred Olen Ray deserves THE LUMP OF COAL.